Gehenna: Death Valley, Graphic Novel (Second Edition)



2020 Joe Shuster Award Winner of The Gene Day Award

“PRIVATE PROPERTY, NO TRESPASSING, VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT…” warn the signs on a mysterious warped fence. Does this stop Marcie and her fiancé Sean? Of course not. Their friends Lauren, Anika and Max follow them into the restricted area. Soon, the travellers discover a cave hidden within the abandoned amusement park.

Meanwhile, the locals have observed the new intruders and aren’t sure what to do. The specimens have noticed as well. Some of them are hungry…others are watching. How long will the travellers survive?

This is the entire collection of the award winning Gehenna: Death Valley, which includes 12 NEW COMIC PAGES that concludes the Rebirth/Ascension story arc.


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