The Comics



___________ ⚫️ (Cosmic Horror… Coming Soon✨)

Currently being edited by Drena Jo. 


The Beholden (Supernatural)

Co-writing with Bob Salley, edited by Drena Jo for Source Point Press. Also drawing the book!  



Gehenna: Death Valley (Horror/Sci-Fi)

2020 Joe Shuster Award Winner of The Gene Day Award

While on their way to the beach, a group of friends make a pit stop at an abandoned lot. While exploring the area, they see this on an old fence;


Of course, they don’t take the signs seriously, so they crawl under the fence. Unfortunately for them, what is going on behind the fence is far bigger and sinister than their own personal problems… FFO monster movies, sci-fi and body horror.

Gehenna: Death Valley is available at the following locations;

Studiocomix Press (385 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON)

The Comic Book Shoppe 2 (228 Bank St, Ottawa, ON)

The Dragon (55 Wyndham St. N.–located in the Old Quebec Street Shoppes–Guelph, ON)

(All 3 have online stores and curbside pickup!)


Cadaverific! (Horror/Comedy/What?) 

D’aw, my first comic! The nostalgia…

Anyway, Cadaverific! is a story about the accidental resurrection of Corey Bowman, who is the central character of the series.

“Um, how is a resurrection accidental??”, you ask?

Before the untimely death, Corey’s cousin, J.P. Bowman, inherited a mysterious talisman from the crazy guy at the Army Surplus Store – the infamous Monkey Paw. In the presence of the Paw, J.P. wishes;

“…that Corey wasn’t dead…that he wasn’t buried in that cemetery…that he’d be there with us, in once piece…and without that broken neck.”

The next morning, Corey’s body is missing. Yay!




The Creator


Becka is a freelance artist from Ontario, Canada. She creates her own horror/darkly inclined comics and art, which are posted onto her website and social media, under the online name The Becka (@the_becka, or @the.becka). The comics are eventually self-published, and sold at conventions and other art events. She’s currently working on two new projects for 2021.
She’s also colouring The Man-Eater, a webcomic adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs short story, which can be found at

Feel free to browse through the Gallery too, if you like. 🙂

For commissions, please send Becka a message via the Contact page, or through her social channels. Thanks for stopping by!