The Wormhole Club Tragedy 01



Favourite Cartoonist nomination for the 2022 Sequential Magazine Awards

“Vorticia’s not real…”

A spontaneous human combustion happens at the popular Wormhole Club. Mateo Myer’s patient, who was there on that fateful night, claims that the victim was murdered by a woman who the internet has named, “Vorticia Vortex”.

Who is she? Does she even exist? Why is the internet so obsessed with her, and the mysterious death? When and where will the next “Wormhole Club Tragedy” happen? While dealing with his estranged family, psychologist Mateo Myer investigates the new internet entity that’s crossing over into the physical world. 

Elsewhere, a Mysterious Stranger is closely watching the events unfold…

(Comic book also comes with a free drawing inside!) 

Edited by Drena Jo, letters by Sam Noir