Cadaverific, page 159


I couldn’t decide what onomatopoeia to use for the guitar, and I wanted to stay away from words like “chug”, “neener neeer…”, “bwon now”, etc,  so I went to Google to look up other sounds… The closest I got to was the manga Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad…except that the sound effects were written in kanji/hiragana. As you can see, I settled for the swivel-thingys…in my mind, a good tune has a nice flow *shrugs*.

**Fun fact! –> The forth panel was referenced from a Liferuiner show I was at last summer, and it was one of the craziest shows I had been to. I got knocked over at the edge of the mosh pit, and some dude had punched a hole in the ceiling. O_o



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