If you’re here for Gehenna: Death Valley, here’s the link ➡️ Gehenna: Death Valley, Page 1


Kickstarter update: Gehenna: Death Valley was fully funded in just a little over 48 HOURS! THANK YOU!!!! 🙏🏻 As of this writing, we’re approaching the Stretch Goal territory! Here’s the link:


Normally, I’m not the kind of person who gets all sappy and whatnot, but this needs to be said… From the deep depths of my cold, blackened soul, I give you a big, heartfelt THANK YOU. YOU, who has opted to back the Gehenna: Death Valley Kickstarter campaign. Much gratitude! 

A thank you also goes out to the lovely people at Kickstarter for awarding the Gehenna: Death Valley Kickstarter a “PROJECT WE LOVE” badge. I am honoured. 

Please help the Gehenna: Death Valley Deluxe Graphic Novel reach its goal by sharing the campaign to friends, fellow horror fans, and on social media! 


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