How embarrassing…my brain was on drugs last night and I forgot to add a few more details to this page. Problem fixed now! Heh…heh…heh…. -_-


So my computer screen died…

…Long story short, got a consultation at Future Shop, found out that the LED LCD screen light burnt out. The cost to get that part replaced – about $1,000. Insanity. Currently I’m typing all this on the (family) desktop computer….

So my options are a) find someplace that would replace the part at a discounted price (haaa – pipedream), b) buy a new laptop or c) buy a desktop, but I’d lose the flexibility of having a laptop and being able to work anywhere.

I will do my best to get page 119 up sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. I may not have my script available, but I can pretty much remember what I had typed on the laptop. Until then…I’ll update on my twitter if anything changes.