Cadaverific, page 1


Welcome to, home of Ornacea Cadaverific! (formally “Mongrel”) and It’s A Sikotik World! Thank you for your patience and support – this site would not be possible without the guidance of Michael Stewart ***again bows to webmaster***.

Have a good night!




  1. Great, now where is page two?

    Glad with the collaboration of Michael.

  2. Woohoo! It looks great, can’t wait to see the next comic!
    I’m glad Michael could help you. 🙂

  3. Nathan…

    It’ll be up before Monday. 🙂


    Thank you!


    Michael was very helpful (you too of course!). Thanks!

  4. Sorry guys, the comic is going to appear a bit later than I anticipated. I just got back from Toronto (Pearson Airport) with my sister – who just arrived from Mexico. Things are settling down so now I have more time on my hands (yay! More drawing and less cleaning). 😛