Cadaverific, page 146


Hey! It’s almost an hour until 2012…. O_o

This is going to be brief 2011 thingy, but…it has been a good year. As for what to expect for 2012…well, I’ll definitely be at FanExpo (see “Upcoming Appearances” in the sidebar).  As far as other conventions and events, I won’t know until January if I’ll be at TCAF in May, and I’m thinking about Anime North (I know, this isn’t exactly manga, but someone mentioned it to me recently…why not think about it?).  Some changes will be happening with the site after the New Year, so stay tuned… For those of you who didn’t know, I also colour flat comic books, and that’s still going well. I’ll explain what “flatting” is in another post…or Google will tell you. 🙂

Anyway, thank you to everyone for your support, for buying the comics, for taking interest in Cadaverific and my other toons and illustrations. See you again in 2012! 😀




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